Discounted Hourly Rates

Our current billing rates range between $230 and $350 an hour, with legal assistant time billed at $90 an hour. In some situations, we might provide startup companies with discounted hourly rates until the earlier of company funding or a certain amount of work is done. Whether or not we will provide discounted fees depends on several factors including your likelihood to receive funding in a 6-12 month timeframe and how many discount-fee arrangements we are supporting.

Deferred Fees

As an alternative to discounted fees, in some situations, we might be willing to defer standard rate legal fees up to a specific dollar maximum. As with discounted fees, we consider several factors before agreeing to a deferred fee arrangement. In addition to the factors cited for discounted fees, we also require that the founders be working full time for the business.

Fees for Equity

In some cases, we might agree to provide legal services, up to a certain dollar amount, in exchange for equity in your company, or convert our deferred fees into equity, so long as the value of the equity is determined in an independent manner.