Savvy Entrepreneur-Inside the Mind of an Angel Investor

MIT Enterprise Forum of the Great Lakes continues its Savvy Entrepreneur Series on Tuesday, February 21st from 5:30-8:00 p.m. with “Inside the Mind of an Angel Investor”. Our very own Don Baker will be joining the panel and is sure to provide some interesting insights — since he has both represented companies taking angel investments and been an angel investor himself. About the event:

For most entrepreneurs, raising seed and early stage capital is arguably one of the most challenging steps of starting a company.  This financing stage is usually too early for most professional Venture Capital firms.  And after you’ve put in most of your own money and that of some close friends and family, it is probably time to seek out some Angel investors.

  • Who is the best type of Angel investor for my company?
  • Where do I find these Angels?
  • What role should they play in addition to providing investment dollars?
  • What does a typical Angel look for in a “startup” company?
  • Is an early stage investor right for your business?
  • If my business takes off, how might a Venture Capitalist look at the Angel Investor?

The panel includes Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist, Successful Entrepreneur, and Early Stage Business Attorney.  The moderator will help coordinate across the live sites a chance to ask your top questions to help your idea or business move forward more quickly.  The panelists want to help you succeed and learn quickly.

Register Online In Advance for Free Admission.