Tech Brewery in the News

Our beloved Tech Brewery, “a community of technologists, entrepreneurs and startups”, is featured in a story on “What it Takes to be a Successful Business Incubator” as part of Michigan Radio’s “Changing Gears” series, which “explores the economic transformation of the industrial Midwest, through the stories of people driving and experiencing this change.” From the article:

Each Friday, inside the old Northern Brewery building in Ann Arbor, 4:30 p.m. is known as “beer thirty”. That’s when the self-described tech geeks who are part of this informal business community gather for drinks.

The Tech Brewery houses three dozen start-ups – but don’t call it [a] business incubator.

“We don’t call ourselves an incubator,” founder Dug Song said. “If anything we call ourselves a start-up coop.

Song has his own start-up – Duo Security. He began the TechBrewery after being frustrated by traditional business incubators. In his opinion, they provide little more than cheap rent for lots of start-ups – instead of what it takes to get a company up and running.

Read the whole article here — and it’s worth a read. Check out the audio story here.